The Chicken and the Egg

As the growing of Industrial Hemp becomes legalized here in the United States, there is an urgent need to educate ourselves and our farmers about the different varieties of hemp.

In Canada, where they grow mostly finola — a type of hemp that flowers easily and grows the most high quality seed for hemp seeds and hemp oil– they have several hemp seed and hemp seed oil food processing plants. Although this type of hemp is perfect for the food industry, the stocks (thin and only three feet tall) do not work well for many other uses such as hemp building materials. In Germany where they have state of the art hemp composite processing plants, they grow hemp with thick, woody stalks that are 6-8 feet tall. In China, where there are many hemp fabric mills, they grow the types of hemp that produce the best ‘bast fiber’ for making cloth. Each of these types of hemp are grown around the world in close proximity to processing plants or fabric mills which will purchase the farmer’s crops and then turn the hemp into various consumer products.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

There are many kinds of hemp processing plants, food processing plants, hemp mills that spin hemp into yarns and weave material, there are construction material plants, then there are the processing plants to extract CBD oil from the hemp. Obviously each of these processing plants has radically different machinery and set up and they are not interchangeable. Each of these processing plants needs different varieties of hemp for input.
The chicken and the egg problem here is that farmers may not want to convert the family farm over to growing hemp until they know there is a place reasonably close by where they can sell their crop. And then there is the question of what KIND of hemp to grow, and will the next farm over grow the same variety?
And visa – versa, no one is going to invest in a multi million hemp processing plant unless they know enough farmers within reasonable distance are going to grow enough hemp, and the right variety of hemp, to make the processing plant viable.
We are playing catch up here in the U.S. Pre 1937, we led the world in some of the hemp technologies, but since then the world has gone on without us. Other countries have spent the last 80 years developing new uses for the hemp plant and new technologies for processing hemp. It is time we not only start growing hemp again, but that we figure out very quickly, what kind of hemp we want to grow, and how we want to process that hemp. Given the different kinds of processing plants, and the different kinds of hemp that will be needed to supply each of those, we need to educate farmers and those farmers need to cooperate and together make sure there is a critical mass of certain kinds of hemp while working with the (now nonexistent) processors who will buy their hemp and process it for the next step in the supply chain.
To make matters worse, how the U.S. federal government has handled the importation and sale of high quality hemp seed has further complicated the issue. By making it very difficult to purchase hemp seed, or even identify what kind of seed it is, has resulted in some farmers purchasing and planting (unbeknownst to them) ditch weed, a noxious weed form of hemp found in ditches of the Midwestern United States.
Click here for the article from the L.A. Times.
Here at HEMPY’S, being one of the oldest Hemp firms in the U.S who is still in business, we receive inquiries from farmers, some who are already growing hemp and are contacting us to see if we can use their stock. In many cases the farmers do not even know what kind of hemp they are growing. We of course do not have an operating hemp processing plant of any kind here in California where no hemp is yet grown. However here at HEMPY’S are very committed to researching and bringing hemp processing back to the U.S. We want to help the United States make up for lost time over the last 80 plus years in the hemp industry.

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