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Hemp is the heart of every Hempy’s product. Check out our diverse selection of jeans, T-shirts, beanies, and more. Across the shop, simple styles come to life with sustainable hemp fabrics, recycled materials, and gorgeous design.
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Our hemp clothing brand has a dedicated following and there are certain items in our catalogue that keep our customers stoked, again and again. Here’s a look at our customer favorites...
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We love making sustainable, beautiful, and durable clothing. But there’s so much more to hemp than fashion. Hemp is an amazing plant that can help us live healthier, happier lives that are more in harmony with planet Earth.

Hempy’s Journal is where we take a deep dive into important questions and conversations in the hemp industry. We’ll talk about science, technology, medicine, politics, and so much more.

But it’s not just hemp. This amazing plant is only a small part of a larger movement for social and environmental justice. We hope to use our voice to draw attention to other companies, projects, and movements that are fighting for a better world.

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people love hempy's

"I have been ordering Hempy’s products for over twenty-five years. I own a natural clothing store and Hempy’s is one of the leading pioneer brands in the industry. From day one they have provided the highest quality goods and great customer service."

Arcata, California
people love hempy's

"I just received my blue trucker hat and the black bifold wallet for my boyfriend. The hat is so awesome that we’re now fighting over it! I have ordered shirts before and I find myself reaching for them more than the others because of how soft they are."

San Diego, California
people love hempy's

"I ordered one of the Hempy’s beanies and I absolutely loved it. It fit perfect and looked great. There is also a bunch of different colors. I ordered 3 more colors of the beanie because it was so great. 10/10 definitely recommend!"

Phoenix, Arizona
hempy's history

Inspired by the best products in the world.

Hemp has been an agricultural staple and fabric around the world for thousands of years. It was the fiber that made the sails of nearly every ship that sailed the oceans before the invention of the steam engine. The coats of American Revolutionary soldiers were made of hemp. The hemp plant has been with us all along the way.  

Hempy’s has been a pioneering force in hemp clothing for over twenty five years. What started as a simple idea for a reusable hemp bag for surfboard wax in San Diego California has grown into one of the oldest and most well known hemp clothing brands in the country.

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