We at Hempy’s are following the California guidelines of Shelter in Place and Social Distancing for Covid-19.  Therefore normal operations at our warehouse are shut down during this period.

However, we do have one employee who is going into the warehouse alone and fulfilling orders sporadically.  Therefore be assured that if you place an order during this period, it will be filled, but it make take a few extra days, as we are only fulfilling orders about two times per week.  Keep yourselves and your families, safe and healthy through this world-changing event and lets all build a more sustainable world on the other side of this together.

WELCOME to Hempy’s Wholesale shopping experience!  We have heard you all loud and clear and we have completely revamped the whole wholesale shopping experience in order to make it a lot more user friendly. You can now stay on an item and order by size, color, etc…and easily see what you are ordering for your store.  Thank you for your patience and please let us know how we can further improve the shopping experience!

Please review your account and make sure that your shipping address transferred over correctly so that we do not have any orders going to the wrong address.  If there are any problem, please call us at 760-436-7971 so we can correct it for you before your package goes out.