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Frequently asked questions.

You know that question you had? Well if you've got a question, we'll do our best to answer it. Our motto is 'Do the right thing" after all...

How should I wash my hemp hats, belts, and wallets?

Hemp items will typically clean up nice.  First take a damp cloth and some warm water and clean it. If you need a little soap, just dab it on the damp cloth and rub gently. If you used a little soap, rinse that area to get soap out. Once it is all clean, smooth the item out flat if it is a belt or wallet, if it is a hat, stuff the hat with rags and smooth it all out to dry. Hemp will hold whatever shape it dries in very well, So take some time to shape the hat exactly how you want it to be while it is wet and then simply let it dry! Don't be afraid to wet hemp products they will not be hurt. Do not scrub the fabric, but you can lightly rub it. Good luck!

Does Hempy’s make its products out of American Grown Hemp?

Although we look forward to the day when we can source finished hemp fabrics from domestic hemp grown in the U.S., we currently must source our fabrics from sustainable sources in China and Romania.

Unfortunately, we do not have the infrastructure in the United States yet to grow the fiber type hemp that it takes to make good yarns, and then decorticate the hemp bark, degum it and spin it into yarns and then into fabrics.  Currently most of the hemp farmers in the U.S. are growing the low bushy type of hemp which is good for yielding CBD.

As the hemp market continues to expand in the U.S., we believe that many farmers will switch to growing fiber hemp and hopefully the infrastructure will develop to stat milling hemp fabrics right here in the U.S.

Can you make customized white label products for my company?

Hempy’s makes a lot of custom/white label Hemp products for other companies. The minimum Order Quantity for custom or blank items is usually around 100 items. and it isa 2-month (or more) lead time.  Please contact us directly at to discuss your dream hemp product.

How do I open a wholesale account? What is the minimum order?

We have a very low Minimum Order Quantity of only $300 per order for wholesale customers and signing up is fairly easy. Just go to the home page at and hover over the wholesale tab. Then click on Wholesale signup and it will take you to a page to sign up for a new account.

Once you submit that you should get an e-mail telling you that we are reviewing your application -- this is just to weed out people who are not retailers and just try to sign up for wholesale pricing. Then once we approve you, you will get an e mail with a temporary password (which you can change). Then when you sign in under your account name with your password, you will see all the wholesale pricing and you can order at wholesale pricing. If you have any questions or problems, please let us know! We look forward to doing business with you.

Do you have a paper catalogue?

We at HEMPY'S use our website as our digital catalog. This has two advantages; it helps to not waste paper by constant reprinting as things go in and out of stock and colors change etc. And the other advantage is that you can look at it anytime and be totally up to date as to what sizes and colors of what products are in stock. You can be assured that everything we offer is on our website and everything that is currently on the website, we have in stock.

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