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Planet Hempy's

When we develop our hemp accessories for women, men, and all genders, sustainable methods are prioritized at every level of the supply chain. Although we look forward to the day when we can source finished hemp fabrics from domestic hemp grown in the U.S., we currently source our hemp fabrics from sustainable sources in China and Romania.  

We have a commitment to domestic production when possible. But we’ve developed a strong and proud international presence. In the spirit of supporting local economies as much as possible and minimizing carbon footprints, we seek to manufacture as close as possible to the market where the goods are sold.  When Hempy’s entered the European market in 2018, it did not make sense to continue manufacturing everything in the U.S. and then shipping goods across the ocean to Europe. So we found beautiful Hemp fabrics and goods in Romania. Thus our new brand, Planet Hempy’s, was born.

Any product with Planet Hempy’s branding is manufactured internationally. Meanwhile, any product branded as Hempy’s is manufactured in the United States. Every partner, every material, every step of the process between growing the hemp and sending out a package is curated to be as sustainable and socially responsible as possible.