• DEA and CBD: The Controversy Explained

    DEA and CBD: The Controversy Explained

    Our last blog outlined just how difficult it can be to nail down the taxonomy of the hemp plant. For decades, scientists have been arguing about the nature of Cannabis. But, one thing has always been very clear: Cannabis, when grown as an industrial crop with low THC content, is not a narcotic. It cannot get you high. Not at all. So, why then is the Drug Enforcement Agency messing around with the regulation of hemp products? Let’s dive into it.

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  • Hemp News Roundup: Feds, the “King of Pot,” Kazakhstan and More

    This week in hemp news: people everywhere are celebrating legal hemp with hot dogs, hemp mazes, and indie music. The “King of Pot” is undaunted by recent scandal. Missouri is cracking down on CBD oil, while Kazakhstan is taking a page from industrial hemp manufacturers and opening up to the many uses of cannabis. But let’s start with the big news from the DEA that everyone is talking about.
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