Introducing Planet Hempy’s!

A message from Kenneth about going global, staying local, and some exciting new products. 

The history of hemp is long and fascinating. As a source of fiber, food, and medicine, this versatile plant has played an integral role in human civilization for thousands of years. 

But at Hempy’s we don’t just want to look back. We want to move forward, because we believe that the future of hemp can be even more revolutionary than its past. 

This is why we are excited to announce one of our newest developments, called Planet Hempy’s. 


The origin of Planet Hempy’s

Planet Hempy’s is a line of clothing and accessories that utilizes new hemp fabrics and hemp composites to make some awesome products. We’re talking backpacks, leggings, toiletry bags and, of course, beanies. Some of our customers in Europe have had access to these products for a while now, and we’ve been receiving requests to sell them in the United States. 

But you may notice something about Planet Hempy’s products when you’re shopping: they are NOT made in the USA. 

First of all: don’t panic. All Hempy’s branded clothing, accessories, cord/twine, and body care products will continue to be made in the USA, 100%. You’ll always be able to replace your old wallet, t-shirt, or fedora with a locally made Hempy’s product. 

All Planet Hempy’s products will carry a different, Planet Hempy’s label. They will be produced in a number of locations across the globe where hemp manufacturing is already well established—places like the Czech Republic, Romania, and Nepal. 

We originally began manufacturing these products overseas because that is where they were being sold—in Europe. The Czeck Republic is much closer to Germany than California, and we wanted to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

While selling these products in the USA may seem like a departure from our long-time commitment to local production, it really isn’t. Let me explain. 


Hempy’s Made in the USA promise

Hempy’s began as a small company that wanted to make a difference by producing high quality, sustainable hemp goods. This meant paying attention to how our products were produced, from the farm to the factory. This meant making each business decision by first evaluating how it would affect a whole community, rather than just a bottom line.

It’s these same values that drove our decision to release Planet Hempy’s products in the United States. 

When we got requests to sell these products that we originally produced for our European customers, we realized it would be impossible to find local producers who could manufacture them. So we then asked ourselves: is it better to get more hemp products into people’s hands, even if it means that they aren’t all 100% produced in the United States? 

As I wrote in a blog a few years ago: The concept of making products in the USA “is not driven by any sort of tribalism, or nationalism. The idea of making goods close to home does not even come from a particular philosophy of ‘saving American jobs’ – at least not in the way it is typically promoted.” 

Making our products in the USA has always been about doing the greatest good for our local and global communities. So, if the United States does not always have the capacity to sustain hemp production from start to finish, we believe it’s better to expand across arbitrary borders and to continue building our movement wherever we can. 


Building a global hemp movement

When we connect with producers in the Czech Republic, China, Romania, Nepal, and other countries we may not be working as locally as we wish we were, but we are creating connections with people and places who are leaps and bounds ahead of us here in terms of producing hemp fibre and manufacturing hemp goods. We can learn from them, and we can create international connections in this time of increasingly dangerous nativism. 

Just to reiterate: you’ll always be able to get Made in the USA products from us. But now you’ll also be able to get Made in Romania or Made in Nepal goods from us under the Planet Hempy’s brand. 

As we move forward in our goal of building a thriving, just, and sustainable hemp movement we’ll always be ready evaluate and re-evaluate our methods. Our responsibility is to our customers, our communities, and the planet that we all share. And it always will be. 


-Kenneth Smith, Owner of Hempy’s 

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